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Frequently Asked Questions

My Torch is not working?

Safety stickers

Our torches are sent with stickers or wrapping on the batteries. This is to ensure they cannot turn on in transit. When you receive your torch you will have to either remove the little red or white sticker on the battery terminal, or remove the clear plastic wrapping in order to turn the torch on. 

Loose threads

Our torches have 2 threads, one at the rear of the torch, and one at the other end of the handle near the switch. These both have to be tight in order for the electrical circuit. Make sure these are tight! 

Battery direction

The batteries need to be in the right way, failure to get this right will damage the torch. The positive terminals should be closest to the LED (front) of the torch. 

Still having issues?

If you have tried the above, drop us an email at | Or Contact Us