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Hi-Beam HD
Michael Vernon

This torch is so good I bought 2💯 💪🏼💪🏼

What a little ripper

Amazing little torch , perfect for my hand bag . Brightness is amazing and charge lasts for ages. Plug into my car while on the go too. After sales service is splendid and great that it's an aussie company.


Great torch, probably the best torch I've owned, if this one ever breaks down (which I doubt) I will definitely buy another one.

Great light but

Great light and product, I’ve had ours a few years now, very handy when cooking on a camp fire
Only issue is the ground spike it doesn’t support the pole very well
I put a star picket in the ground which I made up which has two slide tubes welded to it, the spike slides in to these two slots and I have a peace of Velcro for the top to secure light to star picket problem fixed

Hi-Beam Head Lamp
Tracey Boland
loves it

Its better than I expected very pleased

Great output, basic control

The LED output is fantastic, super bright and batteries last well.
I like that battery cells are replacable.
The focus is smooth and easy.

Controls could be done better. The button cycles between modes, but once turned off (long hold) it then restarts the cycle from max. It would be nice if it remembered the last setting and/or had a separate on/off switch.

Hi Beam EDC
Scott Jennings
Just what I needed

Ideal for in your pocket camping and in the car and caravan. I bought two. Love the rechargeable battery and sturdy torch and lamp. My unreliable cheapies have been ditched. I can personally vouch for excellent after sales service from a previous purchase.

Hi Beam Spotlight
Jamie Byrne

The spotlight is really bright and works beautifully thanks I would buy another torch

Just great

I purchased the Lite torch awhile ago but managed to get hold of it last night. It illuminated the room as day light. I does exactly as advertised. I hope it will work for longtime. I recommend it to everyone who wants to have a handy multifunctional torch. Thanks!

Hi-Beam HD
James Denham
Very happy

Was shipped straight away, was a dairy delay in receiving but was a courier delay, no fault of the sender.
But tge torch was worth the wait, seems really good quality and tge free gift (edc torch) is fantastic also,
Would definitely recommend

It’s alright

It’s alright, the button on the back is impossible to find in the dark and feels pretty cheap and the colour temperature is just a tad too cool for me, I prefer warmer coloured light. Other than that it’s built alright and the focusable end has an acceptable amount of wiggle for what it is.

Very happy. Always good to have a spare pair.

Solid quality construction and very bright torch. Highly recommend.

Hi-Beam Lite
Michael Sunderland
Super products

Received 2 torches which work well, also got the work light( was faulty couple of the LEDs not working - however contacted hi beam and they resolved the problem immediately) great service😀 definitely recommend

Hi-Beam HD

An amazing product, well constructed and user friendly. Delivery was fast!

Hi-Beam HD
Julie Jolly
Great torch

Got it for my husband & he loves it great torch highly recommend

Thumbs Up

I can't speak highly enough of this company.... excellent product, speedy delivery, fabulous customer service all round. Many thanks 👏👏

Hi-Beam HD
Linda Gunn

These are by far the absolute best torches you could ever own. Living on a rural farm it lights up the whole shed etc like daytime.

Hi-Beam Work Light
David Dewar
Great Headlight

This is my second headlight, the last one failed in that some leds stopped working but happily replaced with the same as nothing matches it

Hi Beam EDC
Rob Schofield
The best in the business

I have 6 torches from this company and they are the best in the business

great torch

love the brightness, hubby not fussed on having to press the on off button 5 times to turn off. otherwise its great.

Hey Wendy! You can tell hubby the good news - just hold down the power button and it will turn off without multiple presses!

Thanks for the review!

Hi-Beam HD
Fi Sproule
Best Torch Ever

We received our torch and it is everything they said it would be and more. Thank you so much

SAS Professional Series
Michelle Frame
Torch on off switch

Love the torch, just the on off button could be in a better position, either on the end or a different shape where it is, very difficult to find in the pitch black when needing to turn it on.

Hi-Beam LED Beanie
Russell Roussac
Hi Beam Beanie

Very good work light. Very good general purpose light. For walking I would prefer the beam was more concentrated.

Hi-Beam Head Lamp
Tony Maxwell
Awesome torches, fantastic communication.

First off, best torches I have even seen, I love and rely on them so much, NOTHING compares to how great these torches are. I had an issue with the SAS with a part failing in the head so bought another quickly as I need a great torch all night working. The second one also had issues so I contacted Hi Beam. The team were awesome, quick response and had one torch repaired and the other replaced really quick. I got a head lamp also with my first one and it is so bright and comfortable, I rely on it a lot also for different places I have to go during my overnight shift. Now, I have two to keep me using them all night while one is charging. While waiting for my torches to return, I tried purchasing a few other torches that claimed to be as bright and of equal quality just so I could continue working, only to be left disappointed. Three 'other' torches and nothing even came close. These are the best torches you will ever buy.