Hi-Beam HD

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Our signature torch just got even better, the High-Beam HD (2021)

We are so confident this will be the best torch you've ever used. So much so that if it isn't, you can simply send it back. 

The HD now comes in 2 sizes, or a value twin pack. 

✔️ Insanely bright LED light - 2000lm (1500lm for the HD Mini)

✔️ Adjustable beam - Wide-angle to spotlight
✔️ Handy side LED, great for general lighting (campsite, workbench)

✔️ Heavy duty and solid

✔️ Recharge with included USB-C cable - No more replacing batteries
✔️ Use it as a power bank to charge a phone or device

✔️ Long working time of up to 8 hours
✔️ 3 variable lighting modes + side light

Weight - 564g including battery
Length - 260mm

HD Mini
Weight - 300g including battery
Length - 170mm

Insanely bright LED light

This light has to be seen to be believed

Adjustable beam - Wide angle to spotlight
The beam can be adjusted from a wide angle, to an extremely concentrated spotlight

Handy side LED for general lighting & safety
Side light has 5 modes, powerful, half power, strobe, red & red strobe

Heavy duty and solid
Tough construction. Feels solid in your hand. Comes in a hard protective case

Recharge with included USB - No more replacing batteries
Recharge the 2  included 26650 batteries without removing them from the torch, via the included USB cable & use the torch as a power source to charge a phone or device.
(The HD Mini only takes 1 x 26650 battery)

Long working time of up to 8 hours
8 hour working time in power saving mode. 3 hours on full power.

3 variable lighting modes
3 modes - High power, power saving & emergency beacon

Customer Reviews

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Hi-Beam HD

See the light

I have purchased 2 different torches and a couple to headlamps. The torches, headlamps just work well and are very bright and easy to recharge. You won't be disappointed.


This is the best torch I've ever had. It is so bright you can almost see into the future

Terina Smith
Bloody brilliant!

I live in an isolated place with a lot of wild things including wild dogs and pigs - I can now see them at night not just as a pair of eyes - and it’s also awesome for wildlife spotting - best torch I’ve ever owned

Tim Richards

Hi-Beam HD