Hi-Beam - Marksman

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The Hi-Beam Marksman (MT70) is our brand new rifle mount set up. It comes with a handy magnetic quick release rifle mount and a pressure switch for the ultimate hunting kit. 

✔️ Insanely bright LED light - 2300lm
✔️ Included Magnetic quick release rifle mount
✔️ Included optional pressure switch
✔️ Heavy duty and solid
✔️ Recharge with included external charger - No more replacing batteries
✔️ 5 levels of brightness for battery conservation from 2300lm to 130lm
✔️ Long working time of up to 68 hours (in 130 lm mode)

Package 1 - Full kit

  • Torch
  • Magnetic Rifle mount
  • Pressure Switch (for rilfe mount)
  • External Charger
  • 18650 Batteries x 2
  • Tail Rope
  • Hard Case

Package 1 - Torch Kit

  • Torch
  • External Charger
  • 18650 Batteries x 2
  • Tail Rope
  • Hard Case

Insanely bright LED light with 1,000m beam distance

This light has to be seen to be believed, 1km throw

Heavy duty and solid

Tough construction. Feels solid in your hand. Comes in a hard protective case

Recharge with included USB Charger - No more replacing batteries

Recharge the 2 included 18650 batteries via the included USB cable and external charger

Long working time of up to 10 hours

10 hour working time in power saving mode. 90 minutes on full power.

5 variable lighting modes

5 steps of brightness from High to Low and a few steps in between

Customer Reviews

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Brad Gaskell

A fantastic torch perfect for my needs. Plenty of light and great pricing.

Kirstie Ford

Hi-Beam - Marksman

Bob Allen
Hi Beam Marksman

Great torch I have 3 of their torches plus the head torch 🔦 they are all fantastic

Sheryl Duce
Awesome Torch

Torch operates as described. Solid weight and great light output. Very happy.

Jenna Zorzi
Love love love

This is a great torch 🔦 bloody love how bright it is it’s Must when you are home alone on the farm with