SAS Professional Series

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Our newest, brightest, most durable torches, the SAS Series 
If you want the best of the best, our SAS series will not disappoint. 
Available in 2 sizes, the SAS and the SAS+ are as good as flashlights can get. 

✔️ Industry leading 16 core LED light - (3,800lm for SAS+ 2,000lm for SAS)
✔️ Adjustable beam - Wide-angle to spotlight
✔️ Heavy duty and solid
✔️ Recharge with included USB-C cable- No more replacing batteries
✔️ Use it as a power bank to charge a phone or device
✔️ Long working time of up to 10 hours
✔️ 5 variable lighting modes

Dimensions & Specs;
SAS+ (Larger model)
Weight - 425g Length - 260mm
Lumens - Max 3,800lm
Batteries - 2 x 26650 5,000mAh each

SAS (Smaller model)
Weight - 285g Length - 190mm
Lumens - Max 2,000lm
Batteries - 1 x 26650 5,000mAh

Industry leading 16 core LED light - (3,800lm for SAS+ 2,000lm for SAS)

This light surpasses anything you will have seen in a handheld flashlight

Adjustable beam - Wide angle to spotlight

The beam can be adjusted from a wide angle, to an extremely concentrated spotlight

Compression Moulded carry case

Feels solid in your hand. Comes in a protective case

Recharge with included USB-C - No more replacing batteries

Recharge the included 26650 batteries without removing them from the torch, via the included USB-C cable & use the torch as a power source to charge a phone or device

Long working time of up to 10 hours

10 hour working time in power saving mode. 2 hours on full power.

5 variable lighting modes

5 modes - High power, Medium power, Power saving, emergency beacon & SOS

Customer Reviews

Based on 335 reviews
David Goodall

Great torch, probably the best torch I've owned, if this one ever breaks down (which I doubt) I will definitely buy another one.

Colin B
Great output, basic control

The LED output is fantastic, super bright and batteries last well.
I like that battery cells are replacable.
The focus is smooth and easy.

Controls could be done better. The button cycles between modes, but once turned off (long hold) it then restarts the cycle from max. It would be nice if it remembered the last setting and/or had a separate on/off switch.

Eddie Horn

Solid quality construction and very bright torch. Highly recommend.

wendy mckenna
great torch

love the brightness, hubby not fussed on having to press the on off button 5 times to turn off. otherwise its great.

Hey Wendy! You can tell hubby the good news - just hold down the power button and it will turn off without multiple presses!

Thanks for the review!

Michelle Frame
Torch on off switch

Love the torch, just the on off button could be in a better position, either on the end or a different shape where it is, very difficult to find in the pitch black when needing to turn it on.