Spare batteries - 26650 5,000mah

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Spare batteries for your Hi-Beam Torches.

The Hi-Beam Lite takes 1 x 26650 battery
The SAS Small takes 1 x 26650 battery

The Hi-Beam HD takes 2 x 26650 batteries
The SAS Large  takes 2 x 26650 batteries

If you're looking for spares for the Marksman or Head light, click here instead.

These are high quality, high capacity 5,000mah batteries to give you the most output and longest runtime.

Customer Reviews

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Keith Shaw
Spare batteries

I purchased a set of spare batteries for my Hi Beam torch as I need it every night when I walk my dog due to the number of cane toads. This way when the batteries in the torch get low I can simply swap them over. Then next day I can charge the depleted set.

Well priced batteries

Happy with product and price.

Wayne McGregor

Hello Team

I received the new batteries thankyou , i loaded them into the torch and connected the power supply and they have failed to charge , but upon connecting the power source there appeared a funny smell. not happy as i checked the correct way to insert batteries etc as ive been a tradesman all my life so familiar with procedures etc

this is not a cheap $29.95 dollar torch and many fellow campers have asked me where i got it from so i have packaged it up in the original case and will send it to you
Look forward to your reply


Wayne McGregor
64/37 St Kevins Avenue
Benowa 4172
Surfers Paradise

Julie Nugent

All the products I have purchased have been fantastic, any problems are quickly resolved, great customer service 👍

Bob Hunt
26650 5000mah batteries.

I purchased these batteries as replacement for the 3400 mah that came with the torch ( not a hi-beam). The extra brightness for way longer is well worth the price.
Fast delivery with easy tracking, I will definitely be using the Company again.